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Commercial Programs & Rebates

EMWD encourages businesses and commercial properties to minimize unnecessary landscaping.

EMWD requires a separate water meter, and a formal water budget, for any commercial landscape in excess of 2,500 square feet. The requirements are detailed in the Article 6 – Water Conservation section of the EMWD Administrative Code.

In addition to the resources below, you may also want to refer to the Riverside County Planning Department’s Landscape Review Guidelines.

  • Commercial and Multi-Family Drip Rebate Program
  • FREE Deep Drip Watering Stakes
  • Landscape Irrigation Survey
  • Public Agency Landscape Program
  • Water Savings Incentive Program
  • Large Landscape Program – Have you had water usage in the Penalty Tiers 3 and/or 4? Are you wondering how you can possibly lower your water bill? Don’t have the upfront cash? In an effort to help avoid up-front and out-of-pocket expenses, EMWD is offering the following program to help:
    • Voucher Program - EMWD will provide a voucher to qualifying customers in the amount of up to $2.00 for High Efficiency Nozzles and/or up to $35.00 per station for a Weather-Based Irrigation Controller.
    • Products for this program must be on the qualifying lists located at
    • Vouchers will be redeemable by the customer at participating irrigation supply stores.
    • Tax and any equipment costs that exceed the approved voucher amount will be paid by the customer directly to the irrigation supply store.
    • For more information, please contact us at 951-928-3777, extension 3322.


SoCal Water$mart Commercial Rebates 

So Cal Water Smart logo.

Commercial rebates available as part of EMWD’s partnership with MWD can be accessed through SoCal Water$mart.