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WaterWise Tips

Simple ways to save water, and use it wisely.

  • Reduce or remove grass and replace it with water-wise landscaping that uses up to 50 percent less water! If you require a functional play area, consider a more drought tolerant variety of grass such as St. Augustine or Hybrid Bermuda, or a ground cover such as Phyla Nodiflora (also known as Lippia). 
  • Use a layer of organic mulch around plants to reduce evaporation and save hundreds of gallons of water a year.
  • Check your irrigation system frequently, and adjust sprinklers for overspray and runoff. 

  • Divide your watering cycle into shorter periods to eliminate runoff. 
  • Direct rain gutter spouts and other runoff towards shrubs and trees, or collect and use the water for your garden.
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway or sidewalk. 
  • Minimize evaporation by watering between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

  • Use drip irrigation for shrubs and trees to apply water directly to the roots, where it’s needed.
  • Install a rain shut-off device on your automatic sprinklers to eliminate unnecessary watering.
  • Don’t water on windy days. After all, sidewalks and driveways don’t need water.
  • Fertilizers increase water consumption. Apply the minimum amount of fertilizer needed.
  • Water your plants deeply but less frequently to create healthier and stronger landscapes.
  • Remember to weed your lawn and garden regularly. Weeds compete with other plants for nutrients, light and water.
  • Use a screwdriver as a soil probe to test soil moisture. If the soil is moist, you probably do not need to water.