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San Jacinto Projects


Hewitt and Evans Groundwater Treatment Facility

UPDATE: EMWD has opted to delay the start of work on this facility and will have more information in late 2023.

EMWD planned groundwater treatment facility will be located on the northwest corner of South Hewitt Street and East Evans Street in San Jacinto, CA.

This facility, located on an EMWD-owned parcel, will be a centralized treatment facility for new groundwater wells EMWD is constructing in the San Jacinto area.

Hewitt and Evans Expanded Fact Sheet

Spanish Hewitt and Evans Expanded Fact Sheet

Hewitt and Evans Fact Sheet

Spanish Hewitt and Evans Fact Sheet


San Jacinto Valley Raw Water Pipeline Phase I

The San Jacinto Valley Raw Water Pipeline Phase I will begin in early 2022 and be completed in late 2022. This project will involve the construction of 2.25 miles of large-diameter pipeline in San Jacinto and Hemet to help convey untreated water to both the Hemet Water Filtration Plant and to increase capacity for EMWD’s groundwater replenishment efforts.

The pipeline will begin at Warren Road and Esplanade Avenue in San Jacinto and travel east to Sanderson Avenue, where it will turn south. It will then turn left on Commonwealth Avenue to Kirby Street.

Work along Esplanade Avenue will begin in late Spring 2022. The vast majority of the work along Esplanade Avenue between Warren Road and Sanderson Avenue will take place north of the paved roadway. EMWD asks that you use caution when traveling in the area and observe all traffic control to ensure the safety of our crews and the community.

August 2022 Update: Work will begin on Sanderson Avenue between Esplanade Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue starting in early August 2022.