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Spec. 1388W Eucalyptus Booster Pump Station

RFP Post
Department Construction
Category Closed
Publication/Issue Date 06/17/2020 6:00 AM
Close Date 07/29/2020 5:00 PM

Refer to the Notice Inviting Bid or Addenda for Important Dates


Notice Inviting Bid

Proposal Package

Specification VOL 1

Specification VOL 2

Construction Drawings

Appendix A - Approved Materials List

Appendix B - Geotechnical Report

Appendix C - City of Moreno Valley Electrical Service Plan

Appendix D - Control Strategy

Appendix E - Maxim Security Integration Pre-Negotiated Proposal

Appendix G - Pothole Reports

Appendix H - Corrosivity Assessment

Appendix I - Work Restrictions and Sequence of Work

Appendix J - Noise Impact Report

Appendix K - Plant Sample Heavy Metal Analysis Results

Appendix L - Record Drawings

Appendix M - Recorded Easements

Appendix N - CEQA IS_MND and Addendum

Appendix O - Manufacturer's Certificate of Proper Installation

Appendix P - SCE Service Removal Plan_Preliminary

Appendix Q - Asbestos Survey Results

Appendix R - Preliminary Arc Flash Analysis, SKM Model

Appendix S - Digital Files of Photos included in Contract Drawings



Addendum No. 1

Proposal Package

Section H

Schedule of Values

02052 Hazardous Materials

07321 Concrete Roof Tiles

11562 Stanby Generator


Appendix T - Photos of Elder BPS_1 of 2

Appendix T - Photos of Elder BPS_2 of 2

Appendix U - Elder Survey Files

Appendix V - Eucalyptus Survey Files

Appendix W - Elder BPS Supplemental Exhibit


Preliminary Bid Summary

Revised Final Bid Summary


Environmental Construction, Inc.

Pacific Hydrotech Corporation

SCW Contracting Corp.

Mehta Mechanical Company Inc. dba MMC Inc.

Schuler Constructors Inc.

Caliagua, Inc.

Caliba, Inc.

Canyon Springs Enterprises dba RSH Construction Services

Bowe Contractors Inc.

Metro Builders & Engineers Group, Ltd.

Stanek Constructors, Inc.

Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

Steve P. Rados, Inc.

Green Building Corporation


Official Bid Publication Date posted on EMWD website: June 17, 2020

Bonding Estimate: $4 - $5.1 Million

Project Location: Eucalyptus Ave approximately 0.5 mile west from the intersection of Eucalyptus Ave and Moreno Beach Drive in the City of Moreno Valley, CA (Eucalyptus Booster Station).  Work also occurs along Elder Ave between Falcon Lane and Chukar Lane (existing Elder Booster Station).

PLANHOLDER REGISTRATION:  If obtaining these documents online, please complete the Planholder Registration form to be placed on the official planholders list and receive notifications of addenda and/or letters of clarification issued (for this project). Bidders are responsible for ensuring that they have received any and all addenda. If you have any questions, please email

PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION: Bidders (and their subcontractors listed on the Designation of Subcontractors List) must provide an extract (pdf) with bid showing active registration.  To obtain an extract go to: