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Prequalification for Diaz Lift Station Replacement Project
Prequal through Bonfire hub only

RFP Post
Department Construction
Category Prequalification
Publication/Issue Date November 2021
Close Date December 21, 2021

Garney Pacific, Inc.
James W. Fowler Co.
J.F. Shea Construction, Inc.
Pacific Hydrotech Corporation

The District will publish public invitations to prequalify for Specification No. 1146S Diaz Lift Station Replacement Project. There will be two Requests for Pre Qualifications (RFPQs) for the Project. One RFPQ will be to prequalify general contractors and the other RFPQ will be to prequalify dewatering contractors. The District intends to publish the RFPQs later this month, November 2021.


The exclusive process by which an interested contractor can respond to and be considered for the prequalification is through the District’s Procurement Portal at . Interested contractors intending to submit a prequalification package must Register as a Vendor with the District Procurement Portal (or already be registered). Please contact Bonfire Support with any questions to register as a Vendor at .