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EMWD Celebrates Water Awareness Month

Press Release

Perris, CA (May 12, 2020) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is proud to celebrate Water Awareness Month throughout May by continuing efforts to bring our customers safe and reliable water services.

That commitment is highlighted as the world faces an unprecedented public health crisis with the spread of COVID-19. Safe and reliable tap water services are a key part in protecting public health, including the treatment processes that ensure your water is safe to drink.

That safe and continuous flow of a water supply helps ensure the ability to wash hands, maintain a sanitary environment, and in supporting industry and agriculture to help care for our families during these challenging times.

“EMWD is proud of the services we provide every day, but that has never been more important than during these times,” EMWD Board President Ron Sullivan said. “Because of our commitment to providing a safe and reliable water supply, our customers are able to focus their attention on the things that matter most to them.”

All public water agencies are required to have treatment processes that remove viruses and pathogens and meet strict public health requirements. EMWD conducts approximately 54,000 water quality tests each year and continues to meet or surpass state and federal drinking water standards.

EMWD is committed to the long-term management of its water supplies. This includes its Groundwater Reliability Plus initiative, which encompasses water resource management, maintaining a healthy sewer system, water banking, groundwater desalination, and Purified Water Replenishment, a program that will provide a new drinking water supply through the use of advance treatment processes.

For more information on EMWD’s Groundwater Reliability Plus program, please visit