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Fruitvale Judgment and Decree


The Fruitvale Judgment and Decree (The City of San Jacinto, et al., v. Fruitvale Mutual Water Company, et al., No. 51546, Riverside County) was entered into Book 72, Page 164, of Judgment, Riverside County, on June 4, 1954. EMWD, as successor in interest to Fruitvale Mutual Water Company, is subject to the provisions of the Judgment and Decree.

As a result of the Judgment and Decree, the Fruitvale Mutual Water Company was ordered to prepare an annual report describing the actual number of acre feet of water pumped from the Canyon Basin and the actual number of acre feet pumped from the “Entire Basin” and transported out of the “Entire Basin.” EMWD took over the preparation of the report when it acquired Fruitvale in 1972.

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Approximately 20 percent of EMWD’s potable (drinking) water demand is supplied by EMWD groundwater wells. The majority of the groundwater produced by EMWD comes from its wells in the Hemet and San Jacinto area. Some of these wells have limited production as a result of the Fruitvale Judgment and Decree. EMWD also has wells in the Moreno Valley, Perris Valley and Murrieta areas.