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Financial Participation Charges (Connection Fees)


If you have questions regarding connection fees, please contact EMWD’s Development Services department at 951-928-3777, ext. 2081.

Fee Description 2019 Fee
Water Financial Participation Charge $5,367/EMS*
Sewer Financial Participation Charge $2,843/EDU**
Sewer Treatment Plant Capacity Charge $5,793/EDU**
Water Supply Development Fee $300/EDU**
Landscape Water Financial Participation Charge $4,872/EMS*

*EMS – Equivalent Meter Size
**EDU – Equivalent Dwelling Unit

NOTE: The estimated amounts of all applicable Financial Participation Charges and other District Charges paid by Sponsor shall be subject to adjustment to reflect the then per unit amount applicable at the time the involved portion(s)/unit(s) have been completed and service is requested, all as determined by District. Sponsor agrees to pay the full adjusted amount of such District Charges prior to District’s acceptance of the facilities and provision of service to the involved unit(s).

For further clarification, the word completed shall be determined by District and mean:

  1. Those water and/or sewer facilities which have been accepted and placed into service by District; and
  2. Those units which have been certified for occupancy by the County of Riverside or the involved city (as appropriate).

For more information about connection fees, please click here.