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EMWD Statement on City of Perris Water Systems Sale: November Ballot Measure H


The proposed sale of the City of Perris’ two water systems will have no impact on water rates or service to customers served by EMWD.  We are aware of the impending vote and proposed sale.  However, EMWD has no role in the process.

For more detailed information on Measures G and H we encourage you to contact the City of Perris at 951.943.6100.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Measure H?
Measure H is the proposed sale of the City of Perris’ water system to Liberty Utilities.

What is Measure G?
Measure G is a ballot measure that asks City of Perris residents to vote on whether or not to put the City-run sewer system up for sale.

What areas are served by the City of Perris?
The City of Perris’ water and sewer systems serve two areas: The Downtown Water System is in the Downtown area and serves roughly 2,366 connections. The North Perris Water System serves 1,357 connections in the Villages of Avalon.

Do Measures H or G have an impact on EMWD customers?
No, City of Perris residents currently served by Eastern Municipal Water District will not be impacted by the sale of the City of Perris’ water and sewer systems.

I am an EMWD customer, why did I receive a ballot to vote on systems that do not provide me water or sewer services?
The sale of the City of Perris’ systems must be voted on by all Perris residents, regardless if they are served by the City’s system or EMWD.

Does the recent notice regarding EMWD rates have anything to do with Measures H or G?
No, the notice only went out to EMWD customers regarding rates and is in no way connected to Measure H or G.

Who should I contact if I have questions about Measures H and G?
Contact the City of Perris at 951.943.6100.