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EMWD Reports


A bi-monthly printed newsletter with current EMWD news updates, water facts and information, and helpful tips.

July 2020
In this issue:

  • EMWD Releases Water Quality Report
  • Keep it Flowing With Sewer Safety
  • State Board Extends EMWD-Record Grant Award
  • EMWD Announces Student Art Contest Winners
  • Manage Your Account Online

May 2020
In this issue:

  • EMWD: Reliability You Can Count On
  • Reliability In Your Water Supply…And In Your Infrastructure
  • Continuing Education With EMWD

March 2020
In this issue:

  • Win Up to $1,000 With Your Water-Saving Landscape
  • Keep Those Wipes Out of Your Pipes
  • ‘Patrick the Poo’ Debuts As EMWD Education Mascot
  • Soaking Up The Sun…And Savings!
  • ‘My Account’ Customer Portal Helps Customers Track Usage
  • Don’t Be Scammed; EMWD Promotes Customer Awareness

January 2020
In this issue:

  • EMWD Introduces ‘My Account’ Customer Portal
  • EMWD’s Desalination Program Increases Water Supplies
  • EMWD Receives Record $36M Groundwater Grant
  • Rate Increases Effective on January Bills

2019 EMWD Reports Archives

November 2019 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • EMWD: Banking For Your Future
  • Don’t ‘Fall’ Into Bad Habits With Your Irrigation
  • Upcoming Holiday Closures
  • Be Aware of Scams
  • EMWD to Debut New Customer Portal

September 2019
In this issue:

  • Get Paid to Give Your Grass the Boot
  • Coming Soon: Tap Into Your Usage
  • These Tours Are For the Birds
  • EMWD Achievement in Procurement
  • Be Prepared, Not Scared

July 2019
In this Issue:

  • EMWD Releases Annual Water Quality Report
  • Water-Saving Programs
  • Irrigation Efficiency
  • EMWD Approves Nominal Rate Adjustment
  • Enhanced Customer Self-Service Options

May 2019
Special Report:

  • EMWD Rates: Investing Now to Protect the Future
  • Proposed Rates Public Hearing
  • Water Budgets: Responsible Water Supply Management
  • Wastewater Systems: Understanding Block Rates
  • EMWD Drought Stages

February 2019
In this Issue:

  • Groundwater Reliability Plus
  • Self Service Options
  • Stay Connected
  • Scam Notice

2018 EMWD Reports Archives

September/October 2018
In this Issue:

  • eBooks
  • Bird Tours
  • CNG Vehicles
  • Fall Has Arrived
  • Water Quality Scams
  • CII Transitions

July/August 2018
In this Issue:

  • July is Smart Irrigation Month
  • Home Water Surveys
  • Irrigation/Landscape Tips
  • Landscape Contest
  • Sign Up for Continuous Usage Notifications
  • Water Quality Report Now Available

May/June 2018
In this Issue:

  • CivicSpark Program
  • Environmental Costs
  • Automated Meters
  • Programs & Rebates
  • The Buzz About the Bees

March/April 2018
In this Issue:

  • New Water Banking Facility
  • EMWD Expands Fill Station Program
  • Poster Contest Voting Deadline
  • Dry Weather Warning
  • Don’t Rush to Flush
  • The Buzz About the Bees

January/February 2018
In this Issue:

  • Agricultural Assessments
  • Smart Meter Technology
  • Poster Contest Voting
  • Water Budgets and Rates
  • eBill and Pay-By-Phone
  • Residential Surveys

2017 EMWD Reports Archives

November 2017
In this Issue:

  • SewerSmart Campaign
  • Fall Landscaping Tips
  • Bird Tour
  • Expanded eBill Features

July 2017
In this Issue:

  • eBill and Pay-by-Phone Updates Coming Soon
  • July is Smart Irrigation Month
  • EMWD Goes Greener
  • Level Payment Plans Make Summer Bills a Breeze
  • Water Wise Lifestyle Notes for Summer
  • Annual Water Quality Report Published

May 2017
In this Issue:

  • Drought Over
  • Water-Saving Habits Forever
  • EMWD Working in Your Neighborhood
  • Smart Meter Installation Project
  • Water-Saving Rebates and Programs
  • Online Service Options

March/April 2017
In this Issue:

  • Winter Season Eases Regional Drought Conditions
  • Water is Life Poster Contest Finalists – Pick Your Favorites
  • Aging System Needs a California WaterFix
  • Bees Are Our Friends
  • Spring Event Calendar

January/February 2017
In this Issue

  • Projects Are Customer-Service Driven
  • Updated Cost of Service Study Continues
  • What Do You Want Out of
  • Cost-Effective and Environmentally-Focused
  • Drought Outlook

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