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EMWD Releases Annual Water Quality Report

Your 2016 water quality consumer confidence report.

The report is issued electronically and is available on EMWD’s website at

All customers will receive a postcard providing notification that the report is available online. Customers who have previously submitted requests to receive printed copies will receive them via postal delivery.

EMWD has again surpassed every federal and state drinking water standard, as set forth by the State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Drinking Water and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Water samples are collected throughout the year from EMWD’s 29 drinking water sources to carefully test for 200 contaminants and impurities. In 2016, EMWD’s laboratory personnel collected 6,134 water samples and performed 38,910 tests to monitor and ensure quality.

“Providing our customers a safe and reliable water supply is our top priority, and we are proud to once again fulfill that commitment,” EMWD President David Slawson said. “We encourage our customers to review the science-based report and learn about the high-quality drinking water that EMWD provides its communities throughout the year.”