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EMWD Launches Landscapes for Living Program


Perris, CA (July 26, 2021) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has launched a new outdoor water use efficiency program for its residential customers called Landscapes for Living.  Designed to help residents create beautiful, low-maintenance and water efficient front and backyards, Landscapes for Living includes multiple cost-saving rebates and free installation of water saving equipment.

All EMWD residential customers with irrigated landscapes—areas in front and backyards currently being watered—are eligible to participate in the program and can recover up to 100 percent of project costs. The program offers step-by-step instructions, EMWD customer support and beautiful landscape design plans for inspiration and success.  

“Landscapes for Living is an exciting new program that bundles multiple established free and low-cost programs from EMWD with regional rebates offered through our partnership with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California,” said EMWD Board President Phil Paule. “As part of our long-standing efforts to help our customers save money and use water wisely, we are pleased to offer these services and rebates to residents so they can easily create landscaping perfectly suited for their needs to enjoy year-round.” 

Free Services

Free services offered through EMWD include one-hour in-home consultations to help residents participate in the program and learn how to save money inside and outside their homes. Additionally, EMWD provides free direct installation of the following equipment:

· Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers: Automatically adjust irrigation schedules based on changes to yard and weather conditions.

· Drip Irrigation Equipment: Saves water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants.


Customers can also take advantage of cost-saving rebates, including:

· Turf Replacement: Up to $3 per square foot of unused grass removed—e.g. grass that is not used for anything except mowing—and replaced with new water efficient plants (limit 5,000 square feet).

· Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers: $145 each.

· Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles: $2/nozzle, minimum quantity 30 nozzles.

· Rain Barrels and Cisterns: $35/barrel or $250-$350/cistern.

· Soil Moisture Sensors: $145-$500 depending on acres and number of valves.

· Hose Bib Irrigation Controllers: $35 each/2 per customer.

Customers can contact EMWD for help applying for rebates and also connect with licensed landscape contractors who have completed required training for the program and are ready to assist with removing unwanted grass and installing rebate equipment.

For more information about Landscapes for Living and to get started today, visit