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EMWD Holiday Reminder to be SewerSmart and Don’t be a Pain in the Drain

Don't be a pain on the drain or rush to flush. Be sewer smart.

As you prepare your holiday feast, ensure that your FOG is disposed of by pouring it into metal containers or cans. Add absorbent waste materials like paper towels, coffee grounds, or kitty litter to the can before throwing it away in your household trash. Before washing any pots, pans or dishes, make sure you dispose of FOG and food scraps into your trash or composter. Be sure to also avoid putting egg shells, coffee grounds, and any non-organic materials down your drain. Proper disposal of these products will help you avoid an expensive visit from a plumber and lessens damage to our sewer system.

If you would like more information about how you can be SewerSmart, visit our website at

EMWD wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season.