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City of Perris Water and Sewer Consolidation


EMWD utility truckEMWD partners with the City of Perris to bring future water and sewer service to customers.

EMWD is excited to announce that it has partnered with the City of Perris to bring future high-quality, reliable water and wastewater service to customers currently served by the City of Perris.

Throughout 2024, EMWD and the City of Perris will be working behind the scenes as part of a consolidation process, where EMWD will eventually take over services to more than 4,000 customers currently served by the City. 

A majority of the City of Perris is already served by EMWD. This change is for those customers who are served by the City of Perris Water & Sewer Division.

EMWD is proud to serve a high-quality and safe water supply to nearly 1 million people living and working in western Riverside and northern San Diego Counties. We will provide that same level of service to our newest customers in Perris, while ensuring there are no financial or service level impacts to our existing customers as part of this consolidation process.


The City of Perris currently serves a small number of residents, including approximately 2,700 customers in a three square mile area of downtown Perris and another 1,400 customers in an area in the northeastern portion of the City. The remainder of the City is already served by EMWD.

Please see the map below. You can zoom in and click on the map components (shaded in red) for more information.





Perris Consolidation Fact Sheet - English

Perris Consolidation Fact Sheet - Español

Direct Mail Post Card - English

Direct Mail Post Card - Español

Map of City of Perris Consolidation Service Area


Video Series: City of Perris and EMWD Water and Sewer Consolidation

Video #1:  Introduction


EMWD Contact Information:
Kevin Pearson
Public Affairs Officer
951-928-3777, ext. 4219


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