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Annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)


Please take a moment to read the latest Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to see how EMWD’s water continues to meet and exceed state and federal regulations. This annual report regarding water quality is published no later than July 1, each year. 

2020 Consumer Confidence Report - English
2020 Consumer Confidence Report - Español 

Your CCR, Your Way – Print or Digital

The guidelines for distributing this report allow for electronic delivery, instead of a paper copy in the mail. By delivering these reports electronically, we reduce costs and eliminate paper waste associated with printing and mailing the full report to our more than 156,000 accounts. Paper copies will only be mailed to those who specifically request them.

Here is how to request a paper copy:

  1. Click here to submit an online request to be mailed paper copies of future CCRs.
  2. Call 951-928-3777, ext. 3430
    Teléfono 951-928-3777, ext. 4326 para Español

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have more questions about the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)?

Please feel free to address any questions that you have concerning the CCR to EMWD’s Water Quality department. Call us Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 951-928-3777, ext. 3327, or send an email to

Water sources include “filtration plants” and “wells”…what’s the difference?

The four filtration plants make up the largest portion of water supplied to our customers. These are large treatment systems that are able to remove most contaminants to keep them well below regulated levels.

Wells provide a small, but significant portion of water, since they are our most cost-efficient source. Often, the water sourced from our wells is blending with water from another source. This blending occurs at the point of distribution into the main water lines. Our test samples are pulled at the blending location, to reflect what is actually being delivered to our customers. Whenever EMWD well water is blended, it will be documented with a footnote in the CCR.

EMWD customers only receive water that meets the federal and state primary drinking water standards.

How do I know what data I am supposed to look at in the CCR?

EMWD’s service area is so large that many different sources of water are needed to meet the demand for water.

It can be confusing to know what water is being delivered to your home. Therefore, the CCR chart data has been broken down, first into specific communities, then into the different sources supplying those communities. First, find your city at the top of the data chart, then under your city name there will be a column for each water source contributing to the supply. It is important to note that many water sources can supply your location. Below the source name is the water quality data for each regulated constituent.

Why is the CCR so large and complicated?

The report must include specific information on the water supplied to the public, including the source of the water and data on any regulated contaminant that was detected during the prior year. The amount of the contaminant found in the drinking water, along with the regulatory limits, must be listed. If there were any violations of the drinking water standards, as a result of the presence of contaminants, a brief statement addressing possible health concerns is included. Almost everything printed in the CCR is required language and data.

Why do I receive the CCR report every year, can’t EMWD save money by not sending it?

The CCR is a federal and state required document for public water systems and must be delivered or displayed for customers to view, each year by July 1. State regulations were amended to allow EMWD to deliver postcards to all water customers notifying them when the report is available.

EMWD CCR Archive

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2019 Consumer Confidence Report - Español 

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