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EMWD Retiree Benefits

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Overview of 2024 Benefits

Medical Insurance

2024 District Maximum Monthly Contribution Rates*

Coverage Amount
Retiree Only $980
Retiree + 1 Dependent $1,957
Retiree + Family $2,535

*PEMHCA value is included in rates above

For the 2024 calendar year the PEMHCA monthly amount is $157, which will be applied towards the premium.  The maximum amount the District will reimburse for premiums deducted by CalPERS are noted below:

Hire Date Retiree Only Retiree +1 Retiree + Family
Retiree Hired Prior to August 1, 2005 $823 $1,800 $2,378
Retiree Hired on or after August 1, 2005 and Before March 26, 2014* $823 $1,800 $2,378

*Up to maximum reimbursement based on vested medical benefit

Reminder: You must enroll in Medicare by age 65 to keep your CalPERS coverage. Be sure to visit the available health plan offerings in combination with Medicare.

CalPERS Health Benefit Summary

2024 CalPERS Health Benefit Summary

Kaiser A 

2024 Kaiser A Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

2024 Kaiser 'A' Senior Advantage SBC

2024 Kaiser ‘A” Senior Advantage Dental

Coverage Amount
Retiree Only $781.21
Retiree + 1 Dependent $1,560.21
Family + Family $2,021.93

**Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Rates will be different depending on the combination you are in.

Dental Insurance – Delta Dental 

2024 Delta Plan Comparison

Coverage Tier DPPO Base Monthly Rate DPPO Buy-up Monthly Rate
Retiree Only $50.02 $83.20
Retiree + 1 Dependent $85.03 $141.44
Retiree + Family $130.04 $216.31

Vision Insurance EyeMed

2024 Vision Flyer

Coverage Monthly Rate
Retiree Only $7.07
Retiree + 1 Dependent $13.65
Retiree + family $19.31

PayPro Contact Information

Login as an existing user Link

Dental / Vision log-in Link

Phone: 951-656-9273

Representatives: Desiree Johnson; Gabby Reyes  

Life Insurance – Unum

Unum Beneficiary Card

If you need to make an update to your current beneficiaries on file please complete the above form and submit to Human Resources:

Nationwide Contact Information

Phone: 888-401-5272

Representative: Martha Ocampo,

Retirement Information 

CalPERS Retirement Planning Guide 

Frequently Asked Questions

CalPERS Phone: 888-225-7377

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