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Tap Water Awareness Month

Tap Water Highlighted During Water Awareness Month Events

May 1, 2024

Girl enjoying glass of EMWD tap water.

Girl enjoying glass of EMWD tap water.

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is celebrating its commitment to delivering safe and reliable water service throughout the month of May in honor of Water Awareness Month.

As part of its service to providing clean drinking water to nearly 1 million people throughout western Riverside and northern San Diego Counties, EMWD will host several special events that are designed to educate the community about EMWD’s water supplies.

On May 2, EMWD’s Hydration Station Van will tour EMWD’s service area and stop at city halls in each city in which EMWD provides drinking water service. EMWD will give away reusable bottles at each location and EMWD’s water mascot, Savvy the Water Drop, will be available for pictures.

May 5-11 is National Drinking Water Week, during which EMWD will have its Hydration Station Van parked in the main lobby parking lot of its Perris headquarters between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. each weekday. During this time, the first 15 customers who stop by each day will receive a free reusable water bottle and all customers will be able to learn more about EMWD’s longstanding commitment to water quality and reliability.

EMWD will highlight drinking water quality on its social media accounts all month long as a way to further educate and engage customers.

Each year, EMWD conducts more than 40,000 water quality tests to ensure it meets all state and federal drinking water standards and publishes the results of that science-based report in its annual Consumer Confidence Report. EMWD continually invests in and expand its local drinking water infrastructure to maintain a reliable water supply source.

“We invite all of our customers to join us at these events to celebrate their drinking water supplies,” EMWD Board President Phil Paule said. “EMWD is proud to deliver a high-quality tap water supply and it is our commitment to continue delivering that same high level of water quality and reliability for future generations.”

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