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Raise a Glass of Tap Water With EMWD on National Hydration Day

Raise a Glass of Tap Water With EMWD on National Hydration Day

June 23, 2022

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Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is celebrating National Hydration Day by doing what it does best: Delivering safe and healthy tap water to the communities it serves.

National Hydration Day is celebrated on June 23 each year and was designed to raise awareness of the importance of proper hydration – including through drinking water.

EMWD is proud to deliver a clean and safe water supply to nearly one million people throughout western Riverside County, and performs nearly 40,000 water quality tests annually to ensure its drinking water is safe and meets all state and federal drinking water standards. You can learn more about that safety at

This day also marks official operations starting at EMWD’s new Perris II Groundwater Desalination Facility. The Menifee-based facility will safely clean and treat 5.4 million gallons per day – enough to keep approximately 15,000 households well hydrated.

As the summer months bring hotter temperatures, drinking lots of water becomes even more important. EMWD would like to remind its customers that the best source of hydration is just a turn of the spigot away.

“We hope our customers enjoy a refreshing glass of EMWD tap water today – and every day – to remain hydrated and healthy,” EMWD Board President Phil Paule said. “EMWD is proud to do its part to bring you a clean and safe water supply to keep you healthy and hydrated.”

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