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EMWD Encourages Customers to Imagine a Day Without Water

EMWD Encourages Customers to Imagine a Day Without Water

October 17, 2022

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With reservoirs throughout the western United States at record lows and California experiencing the longest dry streak in recorded history, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) asks its customers to take a few moments today to think: What would happen if there was no water?

October 20, 2022 is “Imagine a Day Without Water” Day, and while EMWD has worked hard to ensure reliability for its customers, it is also an opportune time to ponder what would happen if our taps ran dry.

No water to drink, to bathe in, to do dishes, to do laundry, or swim in. No water to grow our crops or sustain our parks.

The day also underscores the importance of using water efficiently so that we can stretch our limited water supplies as California enters an anticipated fourth dry year and continues to face climate-induced changes to its water supplies.

“As our drought continues, we are asking our customers to just take five minutes today to think of what the impacts would be if our taps went dry,” EMWD Board President Phil Paule said. “EMWD is proud of the investments in reliability we have made, and it is important that we do not take those investments for granted and also use water efficiently to stretch our most valuable resource.”

There are nearly two million Americans that currently lack access to safe and reliable drinking water supplies, including many in California who are served by failing water systems. EMWD has supported solutions that will provide access to clean and reliable water for everyone through responsible investments and management.

EMWD is proud to have diversified its water supply portfolio to help prepare for water supply shortages, including the current ones facing our State Water Project and Colorado River Aqueduct systems, and EMWD continues to invest in future water supply infrastructure and projects.

“By imagining a future without water, we can understand the value of using water efficiently and responsibly,” Paule said. “We encourage all of our customers to do their part to help conserve our water supplies during these challenging times.”

Eastern Municipal Water District is the water, wastewater service and recycled water provider to nearly one million people living and working within a 558-square mile service area in western Riverside County. It is California’s sixth-largest retail water agency, and its mission is “To deliver value to our diverse customers and the communities we serve by providing safe, reliable, economical and environmentally sustainable water, wastewater and recycled water services.”
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