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EMWD Achieves Reliability Through Proactive Infrastructure Investments

EMWD Achieves Reliability Through Proactive Infrastructure Investments

December 29, 2022

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EMWD's Perris II Desalter is an example of investing in our infrastructure.

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has taken a forward-thinking and equitable approach to providing reliable and safe services to the nearly 1 million people who rely on our infrastructure at their homes and businesses each day.

As the regional water, wastewater and recycled water provider to a growing region in western Riverside County, EMWD proactively invests in its infrastructure so that it may be prepared to meet the current and anticipated needs of its service area.

As Southern California faces worsening drought conditions and cutbacks from its imported water supplies, EMWD’s investments in its local infrastructure – including groundwater and recycled water – are major reasons why it is able to continue providing reliable services during the drought.

EMWD’s sophisticated system of infrastructure expansion uses a variety of funding mechanisms and takes an approach that will ensure facilities are ready when they are needed. This includes pipelines, storage facilities, treatment plants and more.

Among the ways that EMWD funds its infrastructure expansion are:

  • Grants and Loans: EMWD is among the most successful agencies in the nation in securing grants and low-interest loans. In 2022, we received approximately $120 million in funding commitments to support a wide range of projects. By bringing tax dollars back into your community, EMWD is helping to improve services and quality of life.
  • Capital Projects Charge: EMWD customers pay a nominal daily charge on their bills to support the replacement and refurbishment of water and sewer infrastructure. This charge allows EMWD a funding source to proactively invest in its existing infrastructure so that catastrophic failures may be prevented.
  • Infrastructure Availability Charges: EMWD collects fees through property taxes to fund the construction and expansion of infrastructure. This assessment ensures costs are equitably shared to have water and wastewater service available to all properties in EMWD’s service area.
  • Connection Fees: When new homes and businesses connect to EMWD’s system, they pay a Financial Participation Charge. This fee allows EMWD to fund new or expanded facilities that help supply services to new homes. Funding from connection fees pays for the development of new facilities such as the Perris II Desalter to help meet the needs of new homes in the community.

“EMWD’s modern approach toward infrastructure financing allows us to provide safe and reliable services in a cost-effective manner,” EMWD Board President Phil Paule said. “By aggressively pursuing grant funding, requiring new development to pay its fair share, and equitably sharing costs, EMWD continues to act in the financial best interest of its customers to keep costs low while our level of service remains high.”

Eastern Municipal Water District is the water, wastewater service and recycled water provider to nearly one million people living and working within a 558-square mile service area in western Riverside County. It is California’s sixth-largest retail water agency, and its mission is “To deliver value to our diverse customers and the communities we serve by providing safe, reliable, economical and environmentally sustainable water, wastewater and recycled water services.” More information can be found at

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