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Changes to My Account FAQ


Customer Information System Upgrade FAQ

Why is EMWD upgrading its Customer Information System (CIS)?

Over the past four years, EMWD has been making changes to the CIS it uses to serve customers. This upgrade allows EMWD to focus on places where we can most efficiently serve customers while providing them with easy access to a variety of tools.

What changes will customers see once the upgrade is complete?

In 2018, EMWD launched MyAccount – an online platform that allows customers to easily track their accounts, manage multiple accounts and see their water usage daily and hourly.

This launch was only phase one of the upgrade project. The second phase, which will launch in the coming months, focuses on internal efficiencies and making sure EMWD’s systems run seamlessly to best serve customers, however, there are several new features customers will enjoy.

This includes:

  • Customer Self-Service Options Are Expanding: Sign up for level-payment plans, bill review, transfer service from one property to another, update information preferences (including information necessary to calculate water budgets).
  • Notifications: Customers are in charge of how they receive their account information. Get notifications via email or text regarding bill alerts, continuous usage warnings, water budget threshold notifications and more!
  • Account Analytics:  View detailed analytics to compare historical water usage month-to-month or year-to-year. The new comparison view offers insights catered to customers usage to help you understand your water consumption and ultimately save water, time and money.
  • New Account Numbers: As EMWD upgrades its Customer Information System, every customer, whether they use MyAccount or not, will notice their account number has changed. Customers can see their new account numbers on their bill starting in October of 2021. To learn more, please see the New Account Number FAQ below.

What changes are being implemented on EMWD’s side of things?

As mentioned above, big changes to the way customers access their account were first introduced in 2018. This next phase has a large focus on helping EMWD staff upgrade internal systems to best serve customers.

This includes:

  • Going paperless
  • EMWD staff’s ability to make service requests from anywhere while in the field
  • Ensuring all EMWD’s systems are connected and talking to one another for a seamless customer experience.

These upgrades will allow customers a much faster response from EMWD staff. In some cases, what might have taken several days, will now be processed with a click of a button.

New Account Number FAQs

Will I still be able to access my account?

Yes! You will still have complete access to your account and the features being introduced as part of this upgrade.

How does the new account number affect me?

While this change will not have a great impact on your MyAccount access, it’s important that customers note this change in case they ever need to access their account online without a username or password OR if they call in to speak with an EMWD Customer Service Advisor.

How does the change in account number affect the way I pay my bill?

If you pay your bill online or in-person, this change will not affect you. However, if you have your account set on autopay via your bank, please update your EMWD account number with your bank.

Where can I see my new account number?

Your new account number will be displayed in the same location as your previous account number – in the top corner of your bill.

Why is my account number changing?

The new account numbers are part of EMWD’s complete upgrade of its Customer Information System. As a new system comes online, account numbers will change.