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Lesson Plans & Booklets


Lesson Plans & Booklets

EMWD offers lesson plans, books and guides to educators in more than 125 schools throughout it’s service area.

Lesson Plans

All About Water: Grades K-3

This book contains 26 experiments and activities about water conservation, water quality, water distribution, the water cycle, fresh and salt water. The activities are interdisciplinary; teachers can use them in science, art, math, social studies, music, and language arts. Teacher in-service is required; three-teacher minimum.

Teacher’s Guide for Hands-On Water Activities: Grades 1-6

Four hands-on water science activities. The activities demonstrate the world’s distribution of water, water surface tension, pressure effects on water, and measuring rain water depth. One per teacher.

California Class Project: Grades 6-9

This provides a good middle-school lesson plan program on many environmental education topics. The water topics include an excellent unit on wetlands. Good hands-on activities and lessons for inquiry. Limited supply. Two-week loan.


Keeping Drinking Water Safe — It’s A Team Effort

Following an explanation of the natural recycling of water in the environment, this pamphlet conveys the importance of doing our part to keep that water clean. Everyone is responsible, including federal, state, and local governments, local water suppliers, and ourselves. One per teacher.

Safe Drinking Water

Have you ever wondered how federal, state, and local governments work together to improve and safeguard drinking water? This publication explains local treatment, monitoring programs, and how to individually make a difference.