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Landscape Showcase


Water Wise Landscape Showcase

Water Efficient Landscape Contest

The Inland Empire Landscape Contest is held biennially (even years) to promote attractive water-wise landscapes.  It is sponsored by a consortium of water agencies and related businesses within the Inland Empire, and is operated by Western Municipal Water District of Riverside County, California. Click here for more information.

Water Efficient Landscape Ideas

Drought tolerant plants and decomposed granite Drought tolerant plants and rock mulch Drought tolerant plants, rock mulch and limited grass area
Pavers or other hardscape can be used to reduce grass area Artificial Turf Drought tolerant can be lush and colorful!

Do you have a water-efficient landscape? If so, we’d love to see it – and showcase it on this site. Please email us ( with your name, address, digital photos and what you like about your landscape.