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Residential Water Budgets and Rates

Drinking Water Rates

Water rates are billed by billing units (BU), where each unit equals 748 gallons. All figures shown are per BU. The following rates are for accounts on water budgets, effective for bills dated on or after January 1.

Water Use Charges

Service Area(s): Perris, Moreno Valley, Good Hope, Mead Valley, Juniper Flats, Lakeview, Nuevo, Romoland, Menifee (Sun City), and portions of Hemet, San Jacinto, Valle Vista, Diamond Valley, Winchester, Canyon Lake and Murrieta (Murrieta Hot Springs and French Valley)

RateEffective 2024Effective 2025
Tier 1: Low Volume$1.28$1.41
Tier 2: Budgeted$3.91$4.17
Tier 3: Excessive$6.73$7.11
Tier 4: Wasteful$12.95$13.72

Service Area(s): Parts of San Jacinto Valley

RateEffective 2024Effective 2025
Tier 1: Low Volume$1.28$1.41
Tier 2: Budgeted$3.53$3.87
Tier 3: Excessive$6.73$7.11
Tier 4: Wasteful$12.95$13.72

Daily Service Charges per Account per Day

Water Daily Service Charge (DSC)

The DSC has two components: 

  1. Account Charge – Costs to recover monthly meter reading, billings, and customer service support. Assessed for all customers, regardless of water usage or meter size.
  2. Demand Charge – Costs to help support repayment of debt service and water reliability needed to support the potential demand of the customer. Costs vary by meter size such as installation, maintenance and replacement and are assessed per equivalent meter size (EMS).

Note: Excludes Commercial, Industrial and Institutional customers with 2” meters or smaller.

Meter SizeEffective 2024Effective 2025

Account Charge

All Meters


*Based on a 30-day billing period

Individualized Water Budgets for Residential Customers

The formula uses 55 gallons per person per day, which is based on efficiency standards set by state law as well as water for the irrigated area of homes based on a percentage of the evapotranspiration (ET) rate. The ET is the measure of irrigation needs based on rainfall, temperature and other climate factors. 

The ET percentage is based on the following:

  • Homes connected prior to December 31, 2010 receive 80 percent of ET
  • Homes connected between January 1, 2011 and May 31, 2015 receive 70 percent of ET
  • Homes connected on or after June 1, 2015 receive 50 percent of ET

The number of billing units in the water budget varies every month depending on daily weather information gathered throughout EMWD’s service area. Therefore, customers will receive more water in the summer than in the winter.

Each customer’s estimated irrigated area is listed on their billing statement. Irrigated areas may be customized through EMWD’s variance processCustomers with pools, spas, and/or ponds may note that the evaporation rate is approximately equal to the amount of water that turf grass requires. Pools and spas are included in the irrigated area square footage.

How Residential Tiered Rates Work

The amount of water billed at each tier is based on the availability of specific water supply sources – groundwater, treated groundwater and more expensive imported supplies. All residential customers are billed at the Tier 1 – Low Volume rate for the first 20 percent of their monthly water budget, as this is the proportional amount of local, lowest-cost supplies available.

The remaining portion of the water budget is billed at the Tier 2 – Budgeted rate for budgeted supplies.

The Tier 3 – Excessive and Tier 4 – Wasteful rates cover any usage in excess of the total monthly water budget.

Fixed Charge for Water Supply and Reliability Capital Projects

This charge is applicable to all standard domestic retail and all agricultural retail water service accounts which are assessed a daily service charge. This charge will be assessed per equivalent meter size (EMS).

Water Daily Supply & Reliability Capital Projects Charge
Meter Size Effective 2024Effective 2025
1 1/2″$1.012$1.083