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Leak Information

Do you have a leak? 

Here’s an easy way to let the meter detect leaks that may be costing you money, and should be fixed.

Most meters have a small mechanical dial (leak indicator) below the reading dials. Some meters also have a digital dial face. These types of meters have either a “+” or “-“ symbol that will flash, or blink, when water is passing through the meter.

How to Read Your Meter - English
How to Read Your Meter - Spanish

Step One:
Turn off all water faucets and water-using appliances on your property, indoors and out.

Step Two:
Look at your meter. If the leak indicator is moving, there is water passing through your meter. This can mean you’ve forgotten to turn something off or you have a leak on the customer side of the meter.

Note: EMWD does not repair leaks on the customer side of the meter; that is the responsibility of the customer. Customers may wish to call a plumber, because hidden leaks can be very expensive.

If you recently had a concealed leak on your property, complete and submit the following Concealed Leak Adjustment Request Form:

Concealed Leak Adjustment Form - English
Concealed Leak Adjustment Form - Spanish