Speakers & Presentations

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EMWD's Water Education Program provides classroom presentations to classes in the 11 school districts and private schools within Eastern's service area. Classroom presentations can be done as a freestanding water education activity.

For more information about any of our speakers, tours, or presentations, contact the Education Specialist at (951) 928-3777 Ext. 4405.

Career Days
Many schools hold career days and fairs each year. Eastern provides speakers from the district's many occupations to tell students just what they do in a day's work.

For more information about our speakers and presentations, Contact the Education Specialist at (951) 928-3777 Ext. 4405.

Educational Presentations
The education program also provides teachers with special presentations tailored to each teacher's own classroom activities relating to water education.

For more information about our presentations, Contact the Education Specialist at (951) 928-3777 Ext. 4405.

Dewie The Dragon
(Flannel) Grades K-2
Dewie and her friends notice the beautiful lake in the forest begins to disappear because the King is being very wasteful. The presentation touches on the water cycle and conservation issues at various levels depending on the grade level. The presentation includes activities for students. 20-30 minutes.

Groundwater Flow Model
Grades 4-9
The groundwater model provides students with a cutaway view of the earth so that they may see how groundwater moves, is stored, and pumped for use. Students can also examine the ease at which groundwater may be contaminated. Presentation runs 30-45 minutes.

Gobi's Adventure
(Flannel) Grades K-2
Gobi, the water drop and his friend, Aguat, travel from their rain cloud above the Colorado River down to earth and have an adventure in trying to reunite as Gobi and Aguat learn the truth about California Friendly Plants and discover the importance of water conservation. Flannel board story about outside water conservation includes a Gobi's Adventure book to be used as a class set. This is a great reinforcement tool for the teacher to use throughout the year. 20 - 30 minutes.