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EMWD's Water Education Program provides a variety of educational materials, free-of-charge, to teachers in the 11 school districts and private schools within Eastern's service area.

This page shows the booklets that EMWD offers.

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About Groundwater Protection
This 15-page booklet uses cartoons and brief descriptive statements to explain what groundwater is, where it's found, sources of contamination, conservation and protection.

Water -- Keeping It In Good Supply
Discusses various subjects regarding the importance of water, topics include: life's dependency on water, everyday uses, the water cycle, how water reaches our homes, threats to our water supplies, and water conservation.

Ground Water --Protecting Our Supplies
Begins with an explanation of what groundwater is, and how it fits into the water cycle. It is deemed a fragile resource with threats from many sources. We can all make a difference through conservation and proper waste disposal habits. One per teacher.

Keeping Drinking Water Safe -- It’s A Team Effort
Following an explanation of the natural recycling of water in the environment, this pamphlet conveys the importance of doing our part to keep that water clean. Everyone is responsible, including federal, state, and local governments, local water suppliers, and ourselves. One per teacher.

Safe Drinking Water
Have you ever wondered how federal, state, and local governments work together to improve and safeguard drinking water? This publication explains local treatment, monitoring programs, and how to individually make a difference.

Careers In The Water Industry
A booklet that discusses the requirements necessary to work in the water industry. Great for Career Days. One per teacher.