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il_inservice_3EMWD's Water Education Program provides in service training to teachers in the 10 school districts and private schools within Eastern's service area. We recommend that teachers receive in-service training in the use of certain water education materials. The reason we recommend the in-service requirements is that these water education materials are comprehensive and complex, and it is important that teachers be given an opportunity to explore the full depth and scope of the materials.

Materials meet the requirements listed in the California State Frameworks for Science and History/Social Science. They cover general concepts appropriate for the grade level. To see which standards are met by our programs, see California Content Standards.

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General Concepts by Grade Level

Here are the recommended concepts for each grade level:

 K-3 Educational materials emphasize the water cycle and home water
saving activities.
 4-6 Continue reinforcement of the water cycle. Introduce concepts
of conservation and water delivery systems.

Introduce the responsibility of local water agencies, government
and role of special interest groups. Begin thinking of the legal and
social aspects of the supply/demand imbalance. Expand activities
as needed.

 9-12 Apply more advanced activities in the areas of science, social
studies and economics.