Turf Removal Grant Funding Guidelines


Turf Removal Grant Funding Guidelines


  2. Read the application package carefully including program terms and conditions.
  3. If you are unsure of local landscaping requirements, contact your city code enforcement officer.
  4. The following items are required in order to request a reservation:
    1. Original completed, signed application part 1 (Reservation Request)
    2. one-two color photos of each area where you plan to remove turf (please label with name, address, location and date picture was taken).  Photos will not be returned, please keep a copy for your records.
  5. You may be contacted by Eastern Municipal Water District (Eastern) to schedule a pre-conversion site visit.
  6. If your application is approved, you will receive Part 2 of the application which includes your reservation number and the expiration date of your application.
  7. Upon receipt of your reservation number, you may begin your project.  You will have 120 days to complete the work.
  8. The following items are required upon completion of the project:
    1.  Original completed signed Application Part 2
    2. 1-2 current color photos of each area where turf was removed and replaced with shrubs, ground cover, mulch, permeable paths, and permeable hardscape as applicable (please label with name, address, location, and date picture was taken) Photos will not be returned, please keep a copy for your records.
  9. Funding will only be processed after verification that the project has been completed.  Verification may be performed by Eastern, its contractor or designated agent.
  10. You may be contacted by Eastern to schedule a post-conversion site visit.

This is a two part application package to be completed in two stages (Part 1 – Reservation Request and Part 2 – Funding Request).  Each part will be submitted along with required documentation, by mail or email (email & address below).  

Part 1 - Reservation Request is required to be submitted prior to beginning any work on the project; failure to comply may result in automatic disqualification from the program.

Part 2 – Funding Request is required to be submitted after project is completed, and within 120 days from the date the reservation was authorized.

Eastern Municipal Water District
Conservation Department – Turf Removal Program
P.O. Box 8300
Perris, CA 92572-8300

For Questions please contact the Conservation Department
951-928-3777 Ext. 4384
FAX: (951) 928-6120
Email: zamoraj@emwd.org



  1. Authorization to Proceed:  Before removing any turf, the following items must be submitted to Eastern Municipal Water District: (1) signed Application Part 1 (Reservation Request) and (2) 1 - 2 current color photos of each area of turf your plan to remove.
  2. Customer Eligibility: Funding for the Turf Removal Program is only available to public schools that are directly served by EMWD and have received an approved reservation number.
  3. Qualifying Areas:  Areas to be converted must have live turf being irrigated with potable water at the time the reservation number is provided.  Conversion must comply with all applicable laws, codes, ordinances, policies, covenants, conditions, and restrictions.  Areas irrigated with recycled water are not eligible.
  4. Minimum Project Size:  A minimum of 100 square feet of turf must be converted.  Smaller projects with less than 100 square feet of turf may be accepted if they completely remove turf from a property.
  5. Maximum Project Size:  Each customer is eligible to convert a maximum of 50,000 square feet.


  1. Plant Cover:  The retrofitted area must not include any live turf, synthetic or other turf looking grasses. Buffalo grass is considered a turfgrass and is not eligible for this program.
  2. Efficient Irrigation:  If a water system is used, it must be a drip irrigation system equipped with a pressure regulator, filter and emitters.  The system must be free of leaks and malfunctions.  Each drip emitter must be rated at less than 2 gallons per hour (gph).  If part of a lawn is converted, the sprinkler system must be properly modified to provide adequate coverage to the remaining lawn without spraying the converted area.
  3. Surface Treatments:  All exposed soil must be covered with a minimum of a 2-3” layer of mulch permeable to air and water, except in areas planted with creeping or rooting groundcovers.  Common mulching materials include rock, bark, pavers or un-grouted flagstone.  If a weed barrier is used beneath the mulch, it must be manufactured to be permeable to air and water.  Impermeable surfaces are not covered under this program.  Concrete, plastic sheeting or other impermeable surfaces do not qualify.
  4. Invasive Plants:  Are not to be used.  Plant species to avoid are identified on the “Don’t Plant a Pest” brochure provided with the application package or online at http://www.cal-ipc.org/landscaping/dpp/pdf/SoCalPrintable.pdf


  1. Quantity of Reservation:  Only one Turf Reservation per school will be issued.  (Please apply for the maximum area you plan to convert).
  2. Project Timelines:  Reservations are valid for 120 days.  Projects must be completed and Part 2 of the application form must be submitted to Eastern within the 120 day period.  Projects are subject to inspection by Eastern, its contractor or approved agent to determine compliance.  If conversion fails to meet program compliance, you will be granted an additional 10 days to attain compliance and notify Eastern.  This agreement terminates 120 days after execution or upon incentive payment, whichever comes first.  All applicant obligations, including properly executed covenant documents, must be fulfilled within the 120 days period or funding may be forfeited.  This program ends when funds have been expended.
  3. Incentive Amounts and Limits:  Reservations are issued on a first come, first served basis.  The incentive is $2.00 per square foot while funds are available.  Checks will only be issued to the EMWD account holder.
  4. Requirements to Sustain Conversion:  Converted areas must remain in compliance with all program conditions for a minimum of five (5) years.  If this requirement is violated, you may be required to refund all or a portion of funding.  This requirement is void upon transfer of ownership.
  5. Other Responsibilities of the Applicant:  Eastern enforces only the conditions in this agreement.  The applicant is responsible for complying with all laws, bylaws, ordinances, policies codes and covenants that may apply.  Quality and appearance of the conversion is the responsibility of the applicant.  Funding may be considered taxable income and a completed W-9 will be required.  Eastern is not responsible for any taxes that may be imposed as a result of your receipt of any money.

Application Part 1 - Reservation Request

(Limited to one reservation per customer)

Click the link below to complete the Turf Removal application:

Turf Removal Application