Engineering Branch Contacts

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il_aqueduct_pipesWelcome to the EMWD Engineering Branch

The mission of the Engineering Branch is to accommodate growth through the planning, design, and construction of water and wastewater facilities in a safe, economic, and responsible manner.

Branch Divisions

Contact Information: (951) 928-3777

Development Services 
Ext. 2081
Fax: (951) 928-6118
Hours: 8:00-5:00 PST
Ext. 4862
Fax: (951) 928-6146
Hours: 8:00-5:00 PST
Engineering Services
Ext. 4416
Fax: (951) 928-6111
Hours: 8:00-5:00 PST
Field Engineering
Ext. 4291
Fax: (951) 928-6111
Hours: 7:00-4:00 PST
Ext. 4372
Fax: (951) 928-6110
Hours: 7:00-3:30 PST
Construction Contract Opportunities
EMWD’s Public Works projects are advertised in The Press Enterprise and in various Construction trade Journals and Newsletters. Contracts are awarded to the lowest responsible bidder as required by the Public Contract Code.

Plans and Specs can be viewed and/or purchased at EMWD’s Administrative entrance. Bids shall be received at EMWD’s OMC entrance and time-stamped no later than the time set forth in the specifications, at which time and place they will be publicly opened.